Makeup Brushes

Get salon-level results in the comfort of your own home with MB Beauty’s professional makeup brushes. Proud to be cruelty-free.


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Products alone don’t create flawlessly-applied foundation and eye-catching eyeshadow – It’s also down to the tools you use in your beauty routine.

MB Beauty’s range of beauty kits, tools and accessories have you covered for every look and occasion. From buffing brushes for a dewy foundation finish to complete makeup kits, we have the perfect tool for every step of your beauty routine.

Our goal here is to bring you the quality you’d expect from an upmarket beauty salon. To that end, some of our brushes use synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon instead of natural alternatives – However, they are still better suited for liquid or cream products when compared to natural bristles.

Invest in your routine with MB Beauty – Explore our collection today, and find the perfect tool and accessory for you.


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